Human Resources

Getting the basics right is so important. Recruiting the right people for your organisation, having lawful and complaint policies, procedures, guidelines and handbooks for your staff. Having a source of common sense employee relations advice and an independent professional to assist with workplace issues, can make your organisation an employer of choice.

LLD can assist to ensure that the organisation is in the best possible shape to maximize staff value and performance .

Psychometric Testing

Getting the Most out of yourself, and your staff can be achieved through greater self-awareness and development of key strengths.

LLD can assist with developing both individual, teams within organisations. Profiling can also assist with getting the right people into positions within your organisation.

Strategic Projects

Change projects require good change management. The people aspects of any change project are critical to its success.

Cultural change is vital in the first instance, if this is not managed well, any process of change will fail.

LLD can assist with a well-managed change process, using the appropriate methods and tools to assist your most valuable resource - your people - through any change required.

Succession Planning

Identifying potential new leaders through psychometric surveys and assessments is a great first step to ensuring an effective changeover of leaders in the organisation.

Ensuring that the organisation is well placed to have aspiring leaders receiving the necessary professional and personal development is key to succession planning.

LLD can assisting with all aspects of succession planning.