Strategic HR Projects

Do you have a project or part of a project that you cant currently manage? LLD can assist by taking on the project and ensuring that you meet your time frames for its completion.

Organisational Development Services

Change Management

• Assessing needs for positive transformational change

• Planning for Change

• Preparing for change – Establishing  effective communications with stakeholders

• Implementing change  with particular  emphasis on Culture and Engagement of Staff

• Sustaining the  momentum

Leadership Transformation

• Enabling change and setting direction

• Creating and communicating a vision

• Engaging and aligning people with the vision

• Challenging assumptions and seeking creative solutions

•Developing leadership skills in others

Succession Planning

• Preparing for  key staff turnover/ leadership transition

• Identifying potential new leaders and other key staff

• Using professional profiling to assist in the process

• Developing key staff professionally and personally